The Board of Governors of St Malachy’s College is mindful of the unprecedented circumstances facing all of our young people.  We want, therefore, to provide as much certainty and reassurance as possible for both pupils and parents:


  • Academic selection is, and remains, a key component of the Admissions Criteria for St Malachy’s College.  The College will continue to use the GL Entrance Assessment method.


  • The Board of Governors welcomes the mitigating measures being taken by the Post Primary Transfer Consortium to make the GL Assessment papers as accessible as possible for pupils.  We also welcome that additional time will be afforded this year to the pupils to complete each of the two papers.


  • We wish to reassure pupils and parents that the standardisation process involved in the marking of the GL Entrance Assessment will ensure a similar proportion of A, B1, B2, C1, C2 and D grades will be allocated as in previous years.


In line with statutory regulations, the Board of Governors will publish its Admissions Criteria for 2021 in the Autumn term.  In the meantime, the Governors will continue to monitor Covid-19 guidance in relation to the operation of the GL Entrance Assessment.


PPTC Pack List & Timetable

Specification of the Entrance Assessment

Entrance Assessment Registration Form

Registration Form Guidance Notes

Sample Familiarisation English Booklet

Sample Familiarisation English Answer Sheet

Sample Familiarisation Maths Booklet

Sample Familiarisation Maths Answer Sheet

Sample Familiarisation Gaeilge Booklet

Sample Familiarisation Gaeilge Answer Sheet

Sample Familiarisation Maths Gaeilge Booklet

Sample Familiarisation Maths Gaeilge Answer Sheet


Policy on Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements Form AA1

Access Arrangements

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Access Arrangements Form AA3