OPEN NIGHT 2020-2021

Open Night 2021

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"The real measurement of a school is not in its building or resources. It is about the strength and effectiveness of the people who belong to its community."
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St. Malachy's College Year 8 Newsletter!


The Year 8 team are proud to introduce our Year 8 Newsletter. Click on the image to view our latest edition!


Watch this space for the latest editions from our Year 8 Newsletter team!


Finding out more about the College:

We've put together some short videos to help you become familiar with the College. From looking back at our history, to looking forward to what you can enjoy - we've covered it all!

The History of St. Malachy's

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Open Night Video 2

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'Autumn Reflections' College Life During Covid 

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O'Laverty Library Newsletter 202021 - pi