School Cloud: Virtual Platform for Parent Teacher Meetings 2021-22

This year the College plans to use our new online/virtual system for the Year 12 – 14 Parent/Teacher meetings during the month of November.  The system facilitates video or audio calls and allows you to book appointment times with your son’s teachers.




In order to access the system please go to https://stmalachyscollege.schoolcloud.co.uk  and follow the login instructions.  Once you have logged in you will be able to see the appointment slots that are available for your son’s teachers and select the slots that are most suitable for you.  Each interview will last for approximately 4- 5 minutes and at the end of this time the system will automatically close the meeting.  


Please note that you will need to use the correct browser when logging into School Cloud, and that will depend on which device you are using:

iPhone/iPad: Safari

Android: Chrome or Firefox

Windows: Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

Mac: Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Linux: Chrome or Firefox

If you have any issues with booking an appointment, please email Mr Kevin O’Kane (IT Manager)  kokane550@c2ken.net


As this is a new system, difficulties may arise, but we will do our best to overcome them.  You are advised to log in prior to your appointment and check that everything is working, including your camera and microphone.