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Junior Science Club returns - making ordinary Monday lunchtimes EXTRAordinary!

This week saw the return of the Junior Science Club. Budding scientists from Years 8 -10 assembled at lunchtime in C17 to conduct an experiment cryptically entitled - Elephant’s Toothpaste.

In a scene akin to a Potions class at Hogwarts, students mixed together hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast, warm water, washing up liquid and food colouring. The results were… dramatic to say the least – a towering tube of foam! The yeast acted as a catalyst to remove the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. As the process was very quick, it produced lots and lots of bubbles. The experiment created a reaction called an Exothermic Reaction - that means it not only formed foam, it generated heat!

Experiments titled: lava lamp, egg drop, iodine clock, CO2 balloons and silver Christmas trees make up the programme for the autumn term. So if you are keen to discover more, go along to the Science Club on Mondays at lunchtime in C17.

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