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Year 14 Higher Education Mock Interview Event

Yr 14 students with Mr McStravick, Ms Stewart and Mr McBride

One hundred Year 14 students honed their interview skills when they participated in the annual Mock Academic Interview Event last week.

Mrs McAlinden said that ‘many final year pupils are required to attend an interview as part of the selection process for Higher Education, but all pupils need to make good decisions regarding their final choices; therefore this event is designed to help support this process’.

Students’ UCAS applications provided the focus for their fifteen minute interviews which were then followed by five minutes of personalised feedback, advice and guidance.

All students who met the challenge of the opportunity recognised the benefits they gained from it. Each welcomed the constructive criticism and in particular the individual guidance provided by the interviewers; all pupils became more fully aware of the need to plan thoroughly for the future. The competitive nature of applications and interviews (be it for university or work) was also brought sharply into focus.

When asked to rate the value of the event, the vast majority of students awarded it 5/5 with the average working out at 4.5/5.

That the boys got so much out of the event is all credit to our interviewers. The College is grateful for the involvement and professionalism of representatives from the professions, Education, Business and Industry and without whom this event would not be possible.

Special thank you to:

Special thank you to:

  • Accountant - Mr C Crummey

  • Allstate NI - Mr J Norris

  • Danske Bank - Mr I Duddy

  • Firmus Energy - Mr M Scott

  • Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors - Mr M Hanna

  • Law - Mrs M Larkin

  • Mr E Lewis

  • Mr N Savage

  • Music - Mr M Harrison

  • Mutual Energy- Mr P Larkin

  • NEELB- Mrs G McGowan

  • NEELB Property Services - Mr B Quinn

  • NICS - Mr E Jardine

  • NICS - Mr K Toner

  • North Regional College - Ms Nicola Davison

  • QUB Medicine - Ms Aislinn Begley

  • QUB School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science - Prof R Woods

  • QUB School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science - Ms G O’Donnell

  • Sentinus - Mr P Jamison

  • St. Marys University College - Mrs O Nugent

  • Ulster Business School - Mr D McAree

  • UU Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment - Ms D McKinney

  • UU Faculty of Health and Life Sciences - Dr J Campbell

  • UU School of Computing and Mathematics - Mr M Crozier

  • UU School of Modern Languages - Dr D Barr

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