• St. Malachy's College

Et tu, Brute? Year 8 and 9 Students Perform Shakespeare Classic to a packed College Hall

After a sold out performance at The MAC in Belfast, Year 8 and 9 students reprised their version of Julius Caesar to an audience of first year students and parents in the College Hall on Thursday 18th of December.

Mrs O’Neill (Head of School for KS3)commended all the boys on their achievement, while Ms Hughes and Ms Artherton thanked all those involved for their commitment, including the Sixth Form Drama prefects who helped direct the piece.

Ms Hughes (Head of Drama) spoke of how ‘all the students gave a terrific performance’, but added a special word of thanks to leading men - Ethan Mackel (9D) Jordan Mc Keown (8B), Conor Connolly (8B) and Felix Le Mahieu (8C) who played Cassius, Mark Anthony, Brutus and Julius Caesar respectively.

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