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GCSE Home Economics Students cook up a feast!


In February, the first ever GCSE Home Economics class at the College completed their practical examination under the watchful eye of Miss McKeown ( Head of Home Economics).

The boys had two and a half hours to make three a course meal with sides (no easy feat even for seasoned professionals). Miss McKeown commended the budding chefs of their achievement stating that ‘all dishes made incorporated complex skills, such as making pastry, bread, meringues, soup and sauces’ skills that have been developed over the last two years’.

The Home Economics Department and Senior Management Team were lucky enough to sample the completed dishes and thoroughly enjoyed the tasting session. Miss McKeown went to say that she was very proud of the class noting that ‘each pupil worked very hard to achieve their final dishes and it is to their credit that their hard work and dedication paid off’.

We wish the class the very best with the written examination in June.


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