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Bronnadh na bhFáinní i gColáiste Mhaolmhaodhóg

As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, Irish students in St Malachy’s had the opportunity to have their hard work and enthusiasm for the Irish language rewarded at the school’s annual Bronnadh na bhFáinní (Fáinne Presentation).

There is a strong tradition of Irish in the College, and this was reflected in the large numbers certificates awarded at the ceremony. Each level of fluency is recognised in the scheme, with 62 Year 8 boys achieving their Cúpla Focal and 55 Year 9 boys achieving their Bunteastas. 55 Year 10 students sat their Fáinne Airgid exam and there was a very high pass rate. Many Year 11 boys went a step further and gained their Meánteastas or Meánteastas Uachtar.

A total of 13 boys from varying year groups were awarded a Fáinne Óir in recognition of their high level of fluency, and many Gaeilgeoirí from Years 8-11 achieved an Ardteastas. This is the highest accolade available and recognises complete fluency and excellence in Irish. The presentation was made on behalf of Cumann Cultúrtha Mhic Reachtain who congratulated the boys and encouraged the boys to use whatever Irish they have as often as possible.

Maith sibh a ghasúirí!

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