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  • Ethan Mackel 10A

Year 10 Visit to The Somme Centre

My experience at the Somme Centre

I was very excited to go to the Somme Centre because I love History, especially learning about World War One. This was a perfect opportunity for me to ask more questions I had about the war. I also wanted to see and experience many aspects of the war.

On arrival at the Somme Centre we were led into a room containing some awesome weaponry. Our tour guide proceeded to display key weapons including the Lee Enfield bolt action rifle, the Webley pistol, a nailed melee club and various grenades, including one nicknamed ‘the pineapple’!

We were subsequently led into the labyrinth of war where we learned more about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the impact of World War One on Ireland. There were also reconstructions of a recruiting office and a dressing station on the Western Front. At the recruiting office I had the chance to try on a standard British soldier coat and handle a rifle which was very heavy indeed!

Next we opened a door and suddenly, everything went dark! We were in the trenches. We heard gunshots and artillery strikes from all sides. It was cold and the atmosphere in no man’s land was very eerie. The experience the soldiers went through during the Battle of the Somme must have been truly horrific. It gave us all some appreciation for life and conditions on the Western Front.

Overall, this was an unbelievable experience especially as I want to study History at GCSE and A Level. This was a day that I will never forget.

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