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100 Interviews in 2 hours!

Year 14 Mock Interview Event

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Tuesday evening was an exciting one at the College when Year 14 pupils, all dressed to impress, participated in our annual Mock Academic Interview Event.

Though many final year pupils are required to attend an interview as part of the selection process for Higher Education, all pupils need to make good decisions regarding their final choices. This event is designed to support our final year pupils do exactly that!

Students’ UCAS applications provide the focus for their 15 minute interviews. These are then followed by 5 minutes of personalised feedback, advice and guidance by interviewers that are closely matched to pupils’ aspirations.

All who met the challenge of this opportunity recognised the benefits of the experience and the atmosphere in the Crolly Study was exciting as pupils discussed questions, answers and ‘how it all went’ after their interviews. Each welcomed the praise, the constructive criticism and the guidance provided by the interviewers and became fully aware of the need to be ‘their very best’ as they prepare to finalise their applications for the future. The competitive nature of Higher Education and of the workplace was brought into focus but pupils’ self-belief and motivation to succeed were strengthened by this experience.

That our boys got so much out of the event is all credit to our interviewers. Their experience, professionalism and altruism in supporting our pupils is genuinely appreciated by all at the College. Sincere thanks to:

Ms Julie Adair (UU)

Dr Yassin Brunger (QUB)

Mr Michael Crozier (UU)

Ms Maura Herron (Solicitor)

Mr Iain Jack (UU)

Mr Pat Jamison

Mr Edgar Jardine

Professor Drew Gibson (QUB)

Dr Martin Kelly (QUB)

Mr Patrick Larkin (Mutual Energy)

Mr Eoin Lawless (RICS)

Mr John McCormack (UU)

Mrs Sarah McGinnity (Pharmacist)

Mr Anthony McKenna (Danske Bank)

Ms Deborah McKinney (UU)

Mr Jim Norris (AllState NI)

Mrs Orla Nugent (SMUCB)

Mr Mark Owens (Capgemini)

Dr Catherine Quinn (SMUCB)

Mr Bradley Rooney (AIB)

Mr Michael Scott (Firmus Energy)

Ms Hannah Smith (Danske Bank)

Ms Paula Steele-Nicholson (Bombardier)

Professor Roger Woods (QUB)

The Careers Department

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