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Year 8 Man of the Month - September 2018

8A: Peter Irvine: Peter has made an excellent start to the year. His impressive merit record to date is a reflection of his hard working attitude and motivation to always do his best. Peter is extremely well-mannered and respectful to everyone he meets. He is an example to his peers!

8B: Ryan Garcia: Ryan has approached his start in St. Malachy’s with maturity and enthusiasm. His work and homework is always to a high standard and has engaged in all aspects of life in the College. He is pleasant, polite and speaks to all members of staff/fellow students with respect. He is a shining example of what it takes to be a Malachian.

8C: Gabriel Rooney: Gabriel has been very polite, trustworthy, reliable, and helpful since the beginning of term. He is a pleasant and well-mannered young man who has made a fine start to the College.

8D: Ruben McGlinchey Ruben has been very polite and well-mannered throughout his first few weeks in the College. He has given his best at all times and always has a smile on his face.

8E: Finn Diver: Finn finished first in the Martin McMullan Year 8 race! He has settled in very well to life in St Malachy’s and has an excellent merit record. Finn is always punctual to class and has all homework completed. He always has a smile on his face, is very courteous, and tries his best at all times.

Congratulations to all our young Malachians!

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