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The Very Rev Kevin McMullan RIP

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Fr Kevin McMullan RIP.

Fr Kevin was Head of Music in St Malachy’s College from 1963 to 1995. He was an accomplished pianist and an outstanding teacher. He was responsible for the College’s enviable reputation in the world of music-making and played a leading role in forming a vast number of first class musicians throughout these islands and beyond. Fr Kevin was a true inspiration to all of his students. He led by example, frequently astounding the young musicians with his own virtuosic performances on piano. He returned to the College in February 2018, after some 23 years, to perform in the College’s Alumni recital. On this occasion, Fr Kevin received yet another standing ovation and undoubtedly inspired the young students in their pursuit of musical excellence. As a teacher and person, Fr Kevin took a genuine interest in all of his students and encouraged them to give of their best through his gentle, calm and generous approach. He will be greatly missed by so many of us.

Fr Kevin died peacefully on 6th May, in Nazareth Lodge Belfast . May he rest in peace.

St Malachy pray for him.

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Philip Murphy
Philip Murphy
Sep 27, 2023

Fr Kevin was an inspiration and such a kind gentleman. Philip Murphy

ajfafag afafa
ajfafag afafa
Jan 16
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