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Year 10 Visits to the Somme Heritage Centre

Year 10 students recently visited the Somme Heritage Centre as part of their study of the First World War. The tour began at the munitions display. The Year 10s were able to handle a variety of artefacts from the Great War including different Allied and German grenades, bayonets, shell casings and medals (including the Widow’s Penny that was sent to the families of those who had died in battle). Next, was a tour of the main exhibition. Year 10s heard extracts from speeches designed to encourage young men to sign up before heading to the recruitment office to try on officer and corporal uniforms. Along the way, the guide pointed out items that had been donated to the museum by local people. We heard the poignant story of a young nurse who had looked after those who had been injured on the Western Front. Students were particularly interested in the trench reconstruction; they were able to experience the noise and cramped conditions of this type of warfare before watching a short film about the Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916.

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