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Year 8 Man Of The Month - October 2020

8A - Mohamad

Mohamad is a polite and respectful young man who quietly works hard and always tries his best. He makes valuable, thoughtful contributions to class discussions and is always willing to help staff and peers. He has an excellent merit record for exemplary behaviour, academic achievement, showing initiative, helping peers, courtesy and excellent effort. Mohamad is an example to his classmates and should feel proud of his achievements since joining St Malachy's College.

8B – Michael

Excellent behaviour throughout the first half of the term, academic achievement and a fantastic result in his English CAT.

8C - Jude.

Jude is a model student. He is conscientious, well mannered and consistently follows all college rules. He is a good friend to others in the class and is a valued member of 8C. Jude's attitude and work ethic is exemplary and he is a credit to the year 8 cohort at St Malachys.

8D - Calum

‘From the first day of term this pupil has committed 100% to his learning. He is always keen to know more and do better. He pairs this with a wonderful compassion for his classmates and takes time to make sure everyone is having a good day.

8E - Aodhan

Aodhan has made a seamless transition into lift in St Malachy’s. He is mannerly, polite and always tries his best. He is a great friend to others in the class and has managed to accumulate an impressive 16 merits! Maith thú Aodhan!

8F - Joshua

Joshua since the beginning of term has displayed consistently good manners, consideration for his peers and a high level of participation in all lessons. He always produces work to a high standard in all his subjects. He always gives his best and he has fitted in perfectly to his new role as a Malachian.

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Adam Stephens
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