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Year 8 - Man of the Month - September 2020

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Congratulations to Aaron, Ruairi, Jan, Daire and Darragh, our Man of the Month Winners for September 2020. Gloria ab Intus!

Aaron 8A

Aaron is an extremely well-mannered and dedicated student who often kindly makes time to help his classmates. He is thoughtful and always tries his best.

Ruairi 8B

Ruairi has been an excellent role model for everyone in 8B and has been recognised by other teachers with several merits for: excellent effort in class, brilliant contributions to discussions and great focus when working independently. He has also been immensely helpful to Miss Fay throughout September, as well as other students in the class. We are very lucky to have him in 8B!

Jan 8C

Jan is an exemplary student. He is always well prepared for lessons and has already accumulated a number of merits for outstanding behaviour and effort in class. He is a quiet and kind member of 8C who is respectful and polite to both peers and staff. Well done Jan!

Daire 8D

Daire is a fantastic young man who has settled very well into College life. He is always fully organised for class and participates in every lesson. Daire is a great friend to all the boys in 8D and is ready to help and support others whenever it is needed.

Darragh 8E

Darragh has made an excellent transition into life at St Malachy’s. He is friendly, kind and has been courageous and brave in dealing with some challenging circumstances in recent weeks. A true Malachian.

Sean 8F

Sean has settled in well to life at St Malachy’s. He is a popular young man who displays excellent manners and work ethic in all subjects. Sean regularly produces work to a high standard and this is reflected in his 9 achievement merits! Well done, Sean.

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