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Supply Teacher Portal

Hello and welcome to the St Malachys Supply Teacher Portal

Please find below links to useful information to help you navigate the school during your time with us:


School Map:

School Day:


C2K Computer and C2KWireless login details (keep confidential). Click on the link below and use the password you were emailed to access the current usename and password intended for your use.

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If you will be with us for some time please contact your base school C2K Manager to request your account to be ROVED to 1420030 for the expected time frame or to the summer if unknown. Roved accounts can log in and access email but work must be save to Google Drive or OneDrive.

Accounts not linked to a school can be moved to us for the duration when your details and start date are set in SIM by the Assistant Bursar

Keys can be collected from the the Assistant Bursar and should be returned on your last day.

On your last day please also return any allocated ICT devices to the Front Office or the ICT Manager.

Standard classroom setups:

You may neeed to use Windows + P (for Project) to change the screen to your preference (duplicate or extend).

You can use Windows + K to Konnect a Surface Pro to a panel wirelessly - tap accept on the panel to allow the connection. 

Staff list: 

Hand Book:

NISTR Website:

GTCNI’s Teacher Registration System website:

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