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As another school year begins at St Malachy's, Chef Colin Dewer and his staff at the College Restaurant are delighted to offer a range of nutritious and delicious breakfast, break and lunch time menus; details of which can be found on this page.


We are always looking for ways to improve our menus (within the the healthy eating and nutritional standards) and later in the year there will be a survey done and you will get an oppertunity to give us your opininon of the CANTEEN in the mean time please feel you can talk to any of the staff here about anything you feel we could included in our Menu or Dietry needs you may have.


In line with the new legistation regarding food allergies and intolerances we keep a record of all dishes produced in the canteen and should be able to inform you if one of our dishes contains an ingrediant you may have an allergy/intolerance to.

For further information see Colin


The staff here are as follows

Colin                 Catering Manager/ Chef

Martin              Assistant Chef

Brenda             Kitchen Assistant

Bernie              Kitchen Assistant

Janet                Kitchen Assistants

Margaret         Kitchen Assistants

Maria               Kitchen Assistants

Colin and his team are committed to producing food that is healthy and hearty without compromising on taste.  We recognise that a balanced diet is essential for boosting physical and mental well-being and therefore, we aim to provide meals and snacks that equip busy students for their endeavours both inside and outside the classroom.

Menu Schedule

Click to download our Menu Schedule for the Academic Year.

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