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"St. Malachy's Mathematics Department provides a vibrant, positive environment where all Students are given the belief and opportunity to achieve their full potential through quality learning experiences and a network of support"




  • To set challenging targets with high expectations for all pupils.


  • To offer a variety of approaches to teaching and learning, to engage and motivate pupils and to demand their active participation.


  • To devise and use suitable forms of assessment of each student’s ability so that all students will experience progress in their work in Mathematics.


  • To smooth the transition for pupils between Key Stages and ensure progression in teaching and learning


  • To explore enrichment opportunities outside the curriculum to enhance pupils’ enjoyment of mathematics.

Mrs C Bowman (Head of Department)    

Mrs E Toman (Head of Junior Maths)    

Mr M Cooke

Mr J McAlister

Mrs K Sheridan

Mrs N Catney

Mr E Cooke

Mr S Stevenson


Each day you will need to have with you your:


  • Text book (or Departmental Handout)

  • Exercise Book

  • Homework Diary

  • Pencil case (pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, sharpener, protractor, compass)

  • Calculator


Exercise Book

  • Exercise book should be backed.

  • Pages should be margined along the left and across the top in red

  • Written work should be done in blue or black pen

  • Diagrams must be drawn in pencil

  • All work must be titled (Page.../Exercise…/Date…)

  • Titles should be underlined in red

  • Work must be marked in red as it is being corrected in class

  • All errors should be fully corrected


Text Book

Textbooks in the classroom should be treated with care and textbooks should be returned at the end of each lesson (or as directed by the subject teacher).


Homework Diary

All homework must be written down clearly and accurately in your homework diary

Completed work should be marked ‘done’ in your homework diary


In St. Malachy’s Mathematics Department each student will be able:


  • To complete work neatly, logically and concisely


  • To communicate orally, concisely and coherently


  • Plan their own work schedule including the effective management of a revision folder


  • Work both individually and as part of a group


  • Work independently and with perseverance


  • To be self-critical and evaluate their individual performance


  • To experience satisfaction in and enjoyment of mathematical achievements


  • To participate in UKMT Maths challenges


  • To participate in extra-curricular events


Year 8 – 10    All classes are of mixed ability.  The department takes its guidance from the                                                        Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum and aims to also include coverage of most                                              of the modules T1, T2 and T5 in the foundation tier of GCSE Mathematics.


All courses from Year 11 – 14 follow CCEA specifications (GCSE and A Level).


The groups at GCSE are formed through rigorous analysis of Key Stage 3 data.


Year 11                       2/3 groups will study a one-year GCSE Mathematics course and will sit Module T4                                         in Jan. and complete their GCSE in June with T6 and where necessary a repeat of                                           T4.        

                                      2 groups will study a two-year GCSE Mathematics course and will sit T4 in June.

                                      1 group will study a two-year GCSE Mathematics course and will sit T3 in June.


Year 12                      3 groups will study a one-year GCSE Further Mathematics course and will sit                                                   Unit 1 in Jan. and Unit 2 in June.



Year 13                      Modules C1, C2 and M1 will be taken by all candidates in June


Year 13 (1 year)    Modules C1, C2, M1, C3, C4 and S1 will be taken in June


Year 14                     Module C3, C4 and S1 will be taken by all candidates in June


Year 14 F. Maths Modules FP1, FP2, FP3, M2, M3 and M4 will be taken in June 

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