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The Computer Department at St. Malachy's College encourages use of Information and Communications Technology to enhance the learning experiences of its students.

The overall goal of the Computer Department is to create a rich learning environment which will prepare students in the use of computer programming and ICT for future career paths. 

Not only are businesses currently demanding high quality computer skills, but ICT has been widely recognised as one of the most important factors in improving pupils’ progress.


The Department has put in place a framework which indicates how it will meet the needs of the curriculum and implement a strategy to provide positive student experiences. This in turn, will motivate students and stimulate entreprenaurialship.

Mr R Crozier (Head of Department)

Miss A Gorman

Mr A McKillen

Miss E Doherty


  • A Level OCR Computing

  • A Level CCEA Software and Systems Development

  • A Level CCEA ICT

  • Applied CCEA ICT

  • Year 12 CCEA GCSE ICT

  • Year 11 CCEA GCSE ICT

  • Year 9/10 CCEA GCSE ICT

  • Year 11/12 OCR Computer Science






Year 8 Coding Club

Our Year 8 students are offered the chance to take part in an 8 week coding club which looks at Java Script Coding and web design. A skill which is huge beneficial to the computing industry. 


Year 10 Web Design Club

From September 2015, the department will be offering an Adobe Education Accreditted 8 week Website Development Course for Year 10 students. The course will build on HTML coding, along with using Adobe's Industry Standard programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Muse and Adobe Dreamweaver. 


A level Computer Science Visit to Allstate

Our Year 13 Computing pupils found their visit to Allstate an excellent way to spend the day. We met up with former past pupil and CEO Bro McFerran who is extremely positive about the uptake of new courses in Computing by schools in N Ireland.

Photos Allstate


Culture Tech -  Code Day

Culture Tech have been working with the department to increase interest in encryption technology and code breaking and ran a very successful event in the department with Year 10 ICT Classes. They thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Photos Culture Tech



Senitus ran an exciting Roadshow on MAKEY MAKEY Programming and App Building with our Year 11 and Year 13 Computer Science Students.


The Department will ensure that students will be given opportunities to use computing resources in various ways –


  • To solve problems.

  • To support learning.

  • To understand the implications technology will have in their own and in others’ lives.

  • To enrich learning.

  • To encourage initiative.

  • To give all pupils the opportunity to experience computer programming and coding.

  • To help pupils reach their full potential.

  • To develop confidence through pleasurable and meaningful experiences so that pupils use and handle technology sensibly and appropriately.

  • To promote both individual study and group work and to encourage decision making on an individual and teamwork basis.

  • To stimulate pupils’ interests in future career paths by linking up with local, national and international computer firms.


The Department prides itself on being at the forefront of the programming revolution that is happening in N. Ireland and has already been involved with the following companies to encourage and enthuse its students to take up computer programming in future careers.


  • AllState


  • Kainos

  • LibertyIT

  • Intel

  • Senitus

  • CultureTech

  • Encourage the use of ICT to foster student learning so that emphasis will be on learning and not solely on the technology (i.e. computers to be used as a tool to assist learning).


  • Establish strategic relationships with external businesses and companies to develop student's programming skills particularly in OOP.


  • To ensure pupils’ experiences of Computing and ICT in all areas of study are positive and encouraging.


  • To encourage the flexibility and open-mindedness necessary to adjust to, and take advantage of, the ever quickening pace of technological change.


  • To provide opportunities which will enable candidates to work individually and in teams and stimulate creativity. 


First to Third Form - Basic ICT Skills , Programming Skills, CCEA ICT Accreditation Scheme


Fourth and Fifth Form - GCSE ICT /GCSE Computer Science


Lower Sixth/Upper Sixth- A Level Computing, A Level ICT and Applied ICT, Software and Systems Development


It is envisaged that students will use the knowledge gained in this curricular provision to participate effectively in the business community and in future life.

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