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Year 8 Man Of The Month - April 19

8A - Darragh Deazley

Darragh is an extremely well mannered, dedicated student with an outstanding merit record! He recently received a nomination for a Chemistry competition for his hard work and commitment in Science and has represented the school throughout the year at various music competitions, concerts and performances. He is a truly valued member of the college and an example to his peers.

8B- Leo Byrne

Leo is an incredibly pleasant and enthusiastic student with an excellent attendance and behaviour record. He is kind and considerate to all his peers and is always willing to help. He is dedicated to his studies and has excellent organisation skills.

8C - Jonah Nicholl

Jonah is a kind and respectful pupil who is always willing to help peers and teachers alike. He is an active member of the college, taking part in extra-curricular activities in The Arts.

8D - Adam McCurdy. Adam is a very pleasant and hardworking young man who always has a smile on his face. He cares for the wellbeing of his classmates and is always keen to help out.

8E - Liam Alexander

Liam has made an excellent contribution to the musical life of the College. Very good merit and behavioural record with an impressive 21 merits. Represented NI in London recently at a gaming competition.

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