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"St Malachy's College, as a Catholic school, is dedicated to providing academic excellence in the context of a Christian community ethos. It seeks to preserve its traditions of spirituality and learning so that all pupils, staff and parents can experience continuity in achievement and further their own spiritual, educational and personal growth in a pleasant interesting, and stimulating environment."
"The real measurement of a school is not in its building or resources. It is about the strength and effectiveness of the people who belong to its community."


To the College website. You are visiting us in exciting times! 


Our Campus 2020 Project which is now well underway incorporates an ambitious building and refurbishment programme. The first of three phases has been completed with a new, modern and vibrant Sixth Form Study and social area in full operation. Here our Sixth Form students are able to embrace new technologies as they refine their skills as effective independent learners. Plans are in place to develop unused space into additional teaching and learning accommodation.


Phase Two will relocate the English and Drama Departments to a central position within the College, allowing our boys to continue to build on the traditions and success of our distinguished past pupils in these disciplines. The final phase will involve new buildings to ac commodate the delivery of Music and Technology. At present, other considerable works are continuing such as the refurbishment of the College Library into a modern facility that will enjoy the benefits of the latest technology whilst retaining its real beauty of the past.

Also, our Science laboratories will soon have a significant make-over. All of the above and many more projects are being developed so that we can continue to realise our vision of building on the College’s distinguished heritage and history as a flagship for Catholic education, providing a world class educational experience for current and future Malachians.


However, the real measurement of a school is not in its building or resources. It is about the strength and effectiveness of the people who belong to its community. In a recent inspection, it was found that our boys are highly motivated, mature and self-confident. They possess well-developed personal and social skills and demonstrate excellent learning behaviours. The Inspectorate also recognised that the pupils are effective at working both independently and in teams, always showing support and concern for others. The College was not only commended for its academic excellence but also for the extensive range of extra-curricular and curricular enrichment activities, enabling our young learners to take on roles and responsibilities in a mature way.


The Department of Education has recorded that the Pastoral Care in St Malachy’s College is outstanding. Our staff members, both teaching and support, are a dedicated and highly professional team with a genuine interest in the psychological, physical and spiritual well-being and development of each and every pupil. Our pastoral care systems, which are underpinned by gospel values, ensure that the boys are provided with every opportunity to realise their full potential. It is well known that the staff, pupils and parents of the College work in close partnership to ensure that all the necessary ingredients are in place to meet individual needs.


A browse through this website will give you a virtual sense of the wonderful experiences provided for our pupils and examples of their many achievements and accomplishments. However, I encourage you to visit us in person when you will be greeted by well-presented, articulate, competent and courteous boys, and a highly skilled and welcoming staff team. As soon as you step through the front door and into the reception area you will realise that you are in a real and special centre of excellence.

Mr. Paul McBride

College Principal

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