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Whitla Hall, QUB

Friday 8th February 2019

On 8th February 2019, our team of four Year 10 French students, Luke Quinn, Luke Ferris, Adam Watkiss and Rory Devenny, participated in the Francofest competition in the Whitla Hall at Queen’s University, Belfast. This was the second year of the Francofest competition, which aims to highlight the benefits language learning can bring to our pupils and to school communities. Pupils from the 28 schools taking part set up simulated trade stands to sell products or run a tourist information office.

On the day of the competition, they were great ambassadors for the College, proudly setting up their stand, the “Chouquetterie Malachy”. They spoke confidently and professionally to the judges in French, promoting their product, homemade choux pastries called Chouquettes. In the afternoon, the boys were given a tour of the Queen’s campus, including a visit to the CS Lewis Reading Room in the new McClay Library.

Rory, Luke, Adam and Luke showed great commitment and enthusiasm for French while preparing for the competition, practising and learning the roleplay and preparing their trade stand. Although they didn’t win a prize this year, the French Department is very proud of them!


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