Mrs C McGrath (Head of Department)

Mrs L Stewart (Vice Principal)

Mr S Granville

Mr T Rocks

Mrs C McFall (Technician) 

"This is so that they may exercise their ability in everyday life and future careers..."



The Physics department at St Malachy’s College aims to provide young people with the ability to understand topics in the field of Physical Science and to approach new 

information in life with an analytical mind; to question it, think about it and analyse it in a scientific way.  This is so that they may exercise this ability in everyday life and future careers, and that they may be better equipped to appreciate the world in which we live.


We deliver these aims at all levels, which includes:


  • KS3 Science

  • CCEA GCSE Double Award Science

  • CCEA GCSE Physics

  • CCEA GCE Physics (AS and A2)


The KS3 Science and CCEA specifications encourage students to be inspired, motivated and challenged by following a broad, coherent, practical and worthwhile course of study; to develop their curiosity about the physical world and provide insight into how science works. They enable students to engage with physics in their everyday lives and to make informed choices both about further study in physics and related disciplines and about their careers.


As well as the courses, a Science Club operates once per week where students can go along to perform fun and interesting practical investigations.

KS3 Science


Year 8:           Measuring and Investigating Science

                        Energy Types and Resources

                        Motion (to include an investigation into propellors)


Year 9:          Forces

                        Earth and the Universe


Year 10:        Science Skills

                        Waves and Sound

                        Light Electricity



CCEA GCE Physics


Year 13: - Module 1:  Forces, Motion, Energy and Electricity

                 - Module 2:  Waves, Sound, Light, Imaging Techniques and                     Wave-particle duality

                 - Module 3: Assessed Practical Examination (in May)


Year 14: - Module 4:  Momentum, Circular and Simple Harmonic                              Motion, Thermal and Nuclear Physics

                  - Module 5:  Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic Fields,                           Capacitors, Particles and Particle Accelerators

                  - Module 6:  Assessed Practical and Data Analysis                                       Examination (in May)



CCEA GCSE Physics and Double Award Physics


Unit 1:     Motion

                   Basic Forces, Mass and Weight

                   Matter, Kinetic Theory and Density


                   Newton’s Laws

                   Circular Motion


                   Energy Types and Resources

                   Work, Power and Efficiency

                   Kinetic and Potential Energy



Unit 2:     Waves and Sound


                   Electricity, Current, Voltage and Circuits


                   Domestic Electricity

                   Magnetism and Electromagnetism

                   Earth and the Universe


Normally Year 11 would study Unit 1 and Year 12 would study Unit 2 but this year (2015-2016) Year 11 will start with Unit 2 as it is less mathematical than Unit 1.  Year 12 will continue with Unit 2 as normal.