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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award: Training weekend Friday 10th and Sat 11th of October

Gold Group at base camp in the Mourne Mountains.jpg

Those involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award took to the hills last weekend as part of their final expedition training. The purpose of the weekend trek through the Mourne Mountains was to refresh basic ‘camp-craft’ and map reading skills.

Mrs McCann observed that walking conditions were excellent, however the clear skies were not without a downside - a very cold night and a chilly morning followed (thankfully this did not deter any aspiring Bear Grylls amongst the current Gold cohort). The groups were up at six and left camp by eight. Mrs McAlister commended the groups on their efficiency and speed noting that such qualities will serve them well when they next head in to the hills. A training session on micro-navigation skills will take place in March.

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