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‘Everything is awesome… when you are part of a team!’ – Year 13 students enjoy motivation and team b

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On Tuesday 21st October, Year 13 students enjoyed a day of team building and motivation facilitated by Adventure NI.

The transition day was organised to support students as they move from GCSE to AS Level. Mrs McAlister (Head of Year 13) commented that the Year 13s ‘are an excellent group and have already demonstrated great talent in music, sport, drama, business and voluntary work, as well as their commitment to their academic studies’.

The boys got involved in a variety of activities that included:

  • Building a rope stretcher - using only ropes (luckily a mannequin was used rather than a real person - as some of the stretchers didn't seem that sturdy!).

  • Through the Hoop - building a shelter using a plastic sheet and some short poles.

  • Rapid Reaction - a planning exercise where students had to safely dispose of mock chemicals (definitely one for the more mathematically minded!).

  • Forest fire – an exercise where students organised an escape plan as they raced against a time and a raging forest fire!

  • Great Escape - blindfolded students were given instructions that lead the team to safety across a 'river'.

Ben Best from Tree of Knowledge also came to address students. Mr Best spoke to the group about the various barriers that had hindered their success so far and offered strategies in how one could overcome hurdles to maximise achievement in the future.

The day ended with a meditation exercise that saw students take time out to reflect on their goals and ambitions as well as consider how they would set out to realise them.

Feedback from students was extremely positive:

“Tree of Knowledge has helped me to realise that I have so much potential to do anything that I want to do. With the help of God and hard work, I can achieve my dreams if they are right for me.”

“Tree of Knowledge has helped me to aspire to do what I want to do and not to doubt myself.”

“Tree of Knowledge has helped me to discover the importance of fulfilling your goals and inspired me to try and fulfil mine.”

“Tree of Knowledge has helped me to understand the importance of sleep and relaxation before exams, and the effect it has on our learning.”

“Tree of Knowledge has helped me to realise that it’s ok if people judge me.”

“Tree of Knowledge has helped me to discover new strategies and way to help me to learn and has shown me that anything is possible, as long as I don’t stand in my own way.”

Thanks goes to Mrs McAlister and the Year 13 pastoral team for organising this event.

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