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Ten Year Reunion for Class of 2005

In 1998 when fresh faced boys in new blazers and school ties arrived at the College for their first day, they were full of hope and smiles. When they completed their tenure in the College in 2005, many thought they were older and wiser.

The same men showed up to the St Malachy’s Old Boys’ Association on Saturday 19th September 2015 for their 10 year reunion. None of them looked wiser, but due to the beards, they all looked older. Yet, every one of them retained their passion and humour and tales of their time in the College had them all howling with laughter as each new arrival walked in the door.

The class of 2005 came together in memory of their dear friend, Ciaran Murphy, who passed away having suffered for many years with Cystic Fibrosis. Ciaran’s dad and uncle came along to join alumni from his time in the College. All funds raised on the night were passed on to CF Trust.

To the Class of 2005, we wish you all continued success and hope that you will continue to show your commitment to each other and the alma mater.

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