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GCSE Success!

St Malachy’s College has followed its great success at A2 and a new record high at AS level, with yet another excellent performance at GCSE. All GCSE pupils achieved at least 5 A*-C grades – yes, 100%! Every one of the 159 boys achieved a Mathematics grade between A* and C, and over 99% did the same in English! Over 93% of the Year 12 cohort achieved at least 7 A* - C grades.

Principal Paul McBride said, “We have experienced so many personal bests over the past two academic years in terms of examination performances at GCSE, AS and A2 levels. What we are proving is that we can maintain and sustain this level of excellence – always striving to get the best from our students whilst growing the heart that remains central to College life! One of the most heartening outcomes from our GCSE results is that our Year 12 boys hold the next step in their own hands. The vast majority have now the perfect passport to A level study in an environment that supports the boys, tending to their psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs. We all feel tired at the end of an academic year but now we return, with this great news, renewed and refreshed ready to continue the great traditions and success of St Malachy’s College! Gloria ab intus!”

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