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Uniform Exchange Scheme

As part of the Eco-Schools Programme, we are starting an exchange scheme for uniforms, whereby pupils can donate and reuse good quality uniform items.


✅️In Northern Ireland we throw out 500 tonnes of textiles waste per week, and in the UK 1.4 million wearable school uniforms are thrown away each year. This is a huge amount of waste and should be reduced by any means possible. Many uniform items are still of good quality and could be reused if students have simply outgrown them.

✅️As we move towards a more sustainable way of living, we hope participation in this scheme will help to remove the stigma associated with wearing previously owned clothing and encourage our students to reuse more clothing items. Fast fashion is a major polluter across the world and many celebrities are advocating for people to reduce, reuse and recycle. Engagement in this initiative could encourage our students to buy and sell more clothing on preloved sites such as Vinted and Depop and reduce textile waste even further.

✅️With the current 'Cost of Living Crisis', we hope this initiative can help us to come together as a community and support each other.


Please wash any wearable uniform items you are willing to donate. Send the clean uniform items into the College at any time throughout the year. They will be collected by:

Mrs Lyness (C13)

Miss Bell (A5)

Miss Morris (A10)

Miss Marcus (E13)

Once we have a system in place, we will be in touch about how to collect any uniform items that may be needed.

Thank you,

The Eco-Committee

#chooseused #reduce #reuse

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