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The Royal Ulster Academy of Art: College Students Visit the 133rd Annual Exhibition

Year 13 and 14 students admiring the art work by former pupil Simon McWilliams

Art students from Years 12, 13 and 14 had an opportunity to visit the Ulster Museum last Thursday to see an exhibition run by The Royal Ulster Academy of Art. This institution has been in existence since 1879 and the event, which runs annually, did not disappoint.

Local artist, Majella Clancy gave students a guided tour of the exhibition and encouraged them to voice their opinions about the art on display.

There was also a chance to see work by famous Irish artists such as: Neil Shawcross, Oliver Jeffers, Dermot Seymour and former St Malachy's student, Simon McWilliams.

Ms Huey reflected on the very worthwhile visit saying she hoped it will further ‘inspire students as they work towards completing their portfolios for GCSE, AS Level and A Level’.

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