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SWE Training at Caterpillar NI

Year 13 David McAreavy at Caterpillar SWE Event.jpg

Year 13 pupil David McAreavy gained an insight into production systems at Caterpillar NI when he attended a Simulated Work Environment (SWE) training session on Thursday 20th of November.

The experience simulated a machine assembly process in which the ‘product’ being constructed was a wooden cab. The six hour session involved the group of seventeen pupils running their own production line, making decisions to increase the efficiency of the process and examining the results of their decisions.

David, who is exploring Engineering as a potential career enjoyed the day, gained a real appreciation of ‘time and motion’ and welcomed the opportunity to experience this aspect of production on the factory floor.

Technical Training Instructor, Mr Stephen Rea commented that it was a pleasure working with the group (named 'SWE r pretty in pink'!) and encouraged them to apply ‘ICTE’ (Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork and Excellence) to everything they do.

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