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‘Road Safe’ Road Show 2014

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On Tuesday 16th of December, the College hosted the ‘Road Safe’ Road Show – an event organised by AXA Insurance and the PSNI.

Year 12, 13 and 14 students from the College were joined by pupils from Belfast Royal Academy, Belfast Met, St. Patrick’s College, Little Flower and Boys’ Model to watch the internationally award winning presentation.

Students followed the story of a typical teen, who, having just passed his test and bought his first car takes to the road with an over-confidence that many young drivers could relate to and recognise.

The presentation aimed to highlight the very real dangers of careless driving and risk taking behind the wheel. Featured as part of the event were first-hand accounts from a paramedic, fire fighter and police officer who spoke about their experiences of real-life road traffic accidents. Most poignant perhaps, was the testimony given by a young woman who suffered injuries in a car crash that left her in a wheelchair.

The show was punctuated with crash footage, road safety television adverts, frightening statistics and graphic images, while the event culminated with a realistic reconstruction of a road accident staged at the entrance to the school. It is hoped that all those in attendance will become more aware of the potential impact that a road traffic accident could have on their lives and the lives of those they love.

Thanks go to all those who helped organise the day.

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