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Junior Prize Ceremony

Mr Paul McBride, Principal and Sir Gerry Loughran, Chairman of the Board of Governors of St Malachy’s College were thrilled to introduce a new chapter into the College’s Calendar.

The inaugural Junior Prize-Giving Ceremony in St Malachy’s College was held on Thursday 1 October in the school’s College Hall.

The Keynote Speaker was past pupil and Alumnus, Mr Tim McGarry who kept the audience entertained with tales from his own time in the school, advice on how to succeed in life, READ, and some quite pointed but hilariously witty barbs about the teaching profession.

Pupils, parents, grandparents , staff and invited guests joined in the celebration and all hailed the successes of the young men receiving their awards.

Mr McGarry welcomed the families and boys and was warm in his praise and celebration of the pupils’ achievements in a wide range of fields.

Pupils across Key Stage 3 were rewarded for Academic Success, Commitment to Self-Improvement and Effort, Attendance and College Spirit.

There were awards for Sport, Sporting Endeavour, Drama and Music. All disciplines were represented and a huge number of prizes were awarded. Over 300 in total.

It was a joyous occasion and one which families thoroughly enjoyed.

One proud parent, Mrs Cunningham later said, “ It is great to see the boys’ confidence boosted by this event and to see such diversity celebrated. Happy boys make happy parents”.

This event was a huge success and one which St Malachy’s will celebrate for many years to come.

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