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To infinity and beyond!

The College Hall was transformed into a spaceship last Thursday and Friday as the crew of the U.S. Starship Albatross got ready for take-off in ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’. Leading the voyage was Captain Tempest (Oisin Thompson), ably assisted by his Bosun (David Hyland) and Navigation Officer (Matthew Cullen). The audience were treated to a number of popular hits from the Sixties from The Swingin’ Space Cats under the direction of Mr Davison including Wipeout, Good Vibrations and She’s Not There, the latter performed with confidence and feeling by the talented Tom Deazley as unlucky in love Cookie. Marc Cowan turned in an hilarious performance as mad genius Dr Prospero supported by his trusty robot sidekick Gabriel Curran as Ariel. Special thanks goes to the wonderful girls from Belfast Royal Academy most notably Ella Johnston as Tempest’s love interest Miranda and Hannah McKeown as Science Officer and Prospero’s nemesis Gloria. Congratulations to cast, crew and band on a fantastic show!

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