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Glory From Within!

On Friday 12 February, this comment was posted on Facebook. We contacted Tina to ask permission to upload a photograph of her post - she humbly agreed, stating:

'I don’t know why I felt the need to post, but as the oldest of seven children and a mother of a small boy, I just feel that kids and especially teens get a lot of bad press. Even more so, young men.

I really hope the young man has worked out it was him (I'm hard to miss so there's a chance he may remember) and even if others don’t know it was him, I hope it has brought him a little confidence boost.

From what I noticed last night it has gained over 900 likes and over 400 shares since I posted it - who knew!'

In an age where Social Media can stir up so many negative comments and views, it is nice to see one post create so many positive comments. While this was written about just one of our boys - a true Malachian, as a Staff we know there are over 1,000 just like him!

Gloria Ab Intus!

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