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USA Music Trip

A MOVING MOMENT OF ST.MALACHY'S VISIT - Not many folks know about this. After singing at the Irish Memorial ceremony the boys from St. Malachy's College walked down Front Stresst, stopped at the Marine Corps Tun Tavern marker and the Korean War Memorial . Then at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial they voluntarily under the direction of their voice coach Mark McGrath, sang beautiful renditions of the American and Irish National Anthems and Danny Boy. There was absolutly no one there but themseves a few friends and the men and women who's names are on the wall. It was simply beautiful. Afterward,on the way back they stopped at the Memoriam to the Philadelphia Marine casualties of the Beirut peace keeping mission. At the bottom of that plaque there it reads 'IF YOU FORGET MY DEATH,THEN I HAVE DIED IN VAIN'.

It nice to know that 15 young men form Belfast took the time to pay their respects in the best way they can through song. Once again it was simply beautiful. 'Gloria Ab Intus!

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