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Business Insight Excellence

One of the most successful Business Insight workshops ever! - Pat Jamison (Sentinus)

Y11 pupils impressed Sentinus facilitator Pat Jamison as well as representatives from the business world when they participated in their Business Insight Programme on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June.

Working in non-friendship teams pupils created their own companies, produced and promoted their product and finally honed their presentation skills by giving a 5 minute pitch which included a 30 second marketing jingle. Pat Jamison from Sentinus stated it was ‘one of the most successful Business Insight workshops ever. Pupils were totally engaged, produced outstanding results and gave very convincing presentations.’

In the afternoon sessions a total of 15 ambassadors from AllState NI, Deloitte, Intertrade Ireland, Invest NI, NICS, PwC, SERC as well as a Business Developer and two language specialists came to the College to share their expertise. They undertook roles as bankers, accountants, product buyers and retail experts as the boys manufactured and pitched their product, negotiated sales and delivered their orders.

The teams participated wholeheartedly in the exercise - and in meeting the challenges placed before them. The occasional H&S fine for an untidy workspace or penalty for failing to meet a deadline did not deter them from their end goal and a closely fought contest saw many teams excel and return significant profits!

An excellent day for our enterprising Year 11 boys! Thanks to Pat Jamison and to all the ambassadors who helped make it such a success.

Click here for more photographs!

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