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St Malachy’s Artists Shine at Ulster University’s Art and Design Centre

September has seen a number of our Art and Design students from Key Stages 3 and 5 celebrate their creative excellence, with a show of work in the prestigious surroundings of the Belfast School of Art and Design, at Ulster University’s York Street campus.

The exhibition, organised by the North Belfast Learning Community saw a rich and varied submission of work from years 9 to 14 from St Malachy’s on display. Original and creative outcomes ranged through from skilful, figurative paintings and expressionistic studio photography to a sculpted bed created in concrete and an inventive and idiosyncratic fantasy creature, created from recycled materials.

Pictured with Gerard Marley Armstrong and his expressionist, gothic photography is Brandon McClean.

Pictured with Brandon McClean and his painting are, left to right Gerard Marley Armstrong and Aodhan Gilmore.

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