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“My advice is to talk to someone”

The College was delighted to welcome back past pupil Conor Hinds and fellow performers from The Lyric Theatre who staged Blackout in the Drama Studio for Key Stage Four and Five students. Blackout tells the story of James, a young man who wakes up in a prison cell with no idea of why he is there. As he recalls the events of his life, he reaches a point where he realises his future lies in his own hands. The fast paced, energetic production was supported by a discussion with two brave young men from Hydebank College who talked to the boys about their own experience of being in custody and coping with life afterwards. Their advice to the students was to talk to someone when things are tough.

Special thanks must go to Philip Crawford, director, for bringing this inspirational, challenging piece of theatre to the College.

As mentioned in this article, it is important for our students to talk to someone when they are experiencing difficulties. Members of the Safeguarding Team are always available. If there is any issue troubling you in school or indeed outside of school, please contact one of the Safeguarding Team.


Mrs McCusker - (Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

Mrs Rayot - (Deputy Designated Teacher KS5)

Mr Toner - (Deputy Designated Teacher KS4)

Mrs Devlin - (Deputy Designated Teacher KS4)

Mr Heaney - (Deputy Designated Teacher KS3)

Mr M Cooke - (Drugs Education Officer)

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