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An Cumann Gaelach

An Cumann Gaelach is the Irish Language Club in St. Malachy’s College and it has gone from strength to strength this year. The aim of the club is to help promote the use of Irish in everyday life within the college. We meet every Tuesday at lunchtime in E7, and take part in fun activities through the medium of Irish.

There are many advantages of attending An Cumann Gaelach. It is a fantastic way to get students involved in speaking Irish and to put their ‘cúpla focal’ to good use. You get the opportunity to meet lots of other students and make friends with those who will be attending the Gaeltacht in the summer. You also get to meet older students who are there to help out with the running of the club. There are many activities such as card games, bingo, watching Irish films, and more! In February, we learned how to make St Brigid’s Crosses, and we decorated pancakes with Irish phrases for Srove Tuesday.

We recently learned about Eoin Mac Néill in An Cumann Gaelach. Mac Néill himself was a Malachian and as well as being heavily involved in politics, he was an Irish language scholar and enthusiast. He was a co-founder of the Gaelic League, which was set up to preserve and promote Irish language and culture. At our club, An Cumann Gaelach, we hope to continue the legacy of Eoin Mac Néill for many years to come.

Le Stiofán de Brús agus Pádraig Mac Domhnall

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