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A level excellence – “the trend continues!”

College Principal, Paul McBride was yet again delighted with the A level performance and saw it as firm evidence that St Malachy’s continues to provide top class education for its pupils. “We continue to state that St Malachy’s College is not an exam factory putting all efforts to climb up so-called league tables. However, academic performance is a very important indicator of how well a school runs in terms of value-added. Therefore we should allow ourselves this moment of great celebration when 315 out of 316 A level grades were passes, 90% of all grades were between A* and C and 15% of our students gained A-A* grades in at least 3 A levels!”

“I take this opportunity to thank all staff – teaching and support – for their unquestionable dedicated service for the benefit of our students. I also pay tribute to our partners within the North Belfast Area Learning Community for their effective work in collaboration to ensure all pupils within our schools can avail and succeed in a vast array of subjects and disciplines. All within our College family understand what it means to belong to St Malachy’s. We continue to move forward at great pace whilst growing the heart that lies within. A big thanks must go to our parents and carers who remain constantly in touch with us, supporting our young learners through the challenges of adolescence and forming them as good people equipped for adult life. Our biggest congratulations are held for our outstanding students who have grown with us and have developed close camaraderie not only amongst themselves but with staff – teaching and support. Onwards and upwards! Gloria ab Intus!”

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