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Year 10 Tutor Awards for September!

Conor Conroy has received a tutor award due to the excellent start he has made this term. He has developed a mature approach towards his own learning and organisation.

Frank Dobbs has demonstrated good self-reflection skills and determination to make a positive change even when things may go wrong. He has persevered and is making good progress with his resilient attitude and has been awarded a tutor award.

Emmett McGivern has also made a very positive and encouraging start to Year 10. He has sought out new opportunities for extra-curricular involvement and has a great approach to all aspects of College life.

Caoimhan Ferris has received a tutor award for his very friendly demeanour and his excellent record in short assessments throughout September, especially in Spanish.

Peter has received a tutor award as he has no demerits, 100% attendance and has accumulated merits from the start of the month. He is a very polite and caring young man.

Daire Browne is a quiet, well-mannered, and diligent young man who is growing in confidence and maturity. He is committed to self-improvement and always takes time to help others.

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