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Man of the Month - November 17

8A: Jude Scott

Jude is an extremely well-mannered and respectful student with an excellent merit record. He is quiet and unassuming, often showing great kindness to his peers and expecting nothing in return. He has represented the College on a number of occasions this year and has impressed everyone with his wonderful musical talent. A shining example to all!

8B:Reece McAdorey

Reece is a very hard working member of his form class who always tries his best, and this is reflected in his excellent merit record. He has become involved in many activities since joining St Malachy’s College. He is a very pleasant student who is always smiling and is a great friend to the other boys in the group.

8C: Noah Donahoe

A kind and conscientious young man with excellent manners. Noah is always eager and willing to help both teachers and fellow peers, has an excellent merit record, and is a good friend to everyone in 8C.

8D: Sean Neilan

Sean is a very enthusiastic young man with an excellent merit record. In the past few weeks he has faced the challenge of having a very painful broken arm and despite this always has a smile on his face and tries his best.

8E: Brian McMullan

Brian is a very pleasant and welcoming student. He has embraced life at the College and has shown himself to be polite and friendly to others in his class. He has also contributed to the sporting life of the College as a member of the soccer team.

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