• Mr P McVey

Man of the Month - December 17

8A: Corey Lyttle

Corey is a real gentleman. He is a pleasure to be around, is always looking out for others, and has a quirky sense of humour that makes everybody smile! Corey's excellent merit record reflects the great pride he takes in his work, his commitment to a range of extra-curricular activities, and his trustworthy nature. A true leader and shining example to his peers.

8B: Danaan Strong

Danaan worked extremely well in advance of his Winter examinations. He has received an impressive 20 merits since September. He has fully immersed himself in the extra-curricular life of St Malachy’s College. Not only is he excelling on the running track, but also at football and other sports. He is a great friend to his peers and is always willing to help others.

8C: Dylan Callow

Dylan showed great generosity around the Christmas period for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. He consistently produces excellent work in all his classes and has made a really positive start to his time in St Malachy’s College.

8D: Ben McGartland

Ben is a very pleasant young man who is always willing to help. He has an outstanding merit record and is performing very well academically. He has fully embraced College life and is a member of a large number of extra-curricular clubs and societies.

8E: Brendan Hamilton

Brendan is a student who has shown tremendous perseverance throughout term one. As a result of this, Brendan has achieved some excellent results in his Winter examinations. Brendan is also a very friendly and welcoming student who gets on well with everyone in his class and always offers a helping hand to those in need.

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