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Year 14 History students visit Dublin, March 2018

Year 14 History students visited Dublin in March 2018 as part of our study of the Partition of Ireland. Our first stop was Trinity College, Dublin from where we embarked upon a walking tour of various historical sites associated with the 1916 rising. Our guide highlighted the role of key personalities and episodes during Easter week 1916. Our tour culminated at the GPO where we reflected upon the impact and legacy of the rising.

Next, we travelled to Glasnevin cemetery, the final resting place of many notable Irish historical figures. We witnessed a re-enactment of the graveside oration delivered by Patrick Pearse at Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa’s grave. Our tour of Glasnevin continued with a visit to the crypt containing Daniel O’Connell’s remains. We were invited to touch O’Connell’s coffin to bring good luck in our forthcoming A Level examinations. We did, as did our History teachers! Our guide subsequently led us on a tour of some of the cemetery’s most famous graves and key aspects of shared history.

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