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Year 10 SHAHRP ‘Drug and Alcohol’ Talk

Steven Boucher from Lisburn YMCA delivered a very informative and thought provoking talk on the dangers of Alcohol and Drugs. This talk introduced the Year 10s to the SHAHRP (School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project) which includes a series of six lessons delivered as part of their pastoral programme.

Below is a sample of the evaluative feedback from the Year 10s;

‘Alcohol can take over your body and brain. It can also mess with your emotions’

‘I used to think that alcohol was harmless but after the talk I now know the dangers of alcohol and also the dangers of drugs that I didn’t know existed’

‘I learnt that alcohol counts as a drug and why it is not safe to take it while under the age of 18’

‘I have learnt what to do with people with the side effects and how to help’

‘I found this workshop very enlightening and enjoyable’

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