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Man of the Month - March 2018

8A: Adam Donnelly

Adam has made excellent progress in his education this year as he is always focussed on his learning during class and diligent regarding his homework. He is kind and generous with his classmates and an absolute pleasure to teach. Adam is an exemplary Malachian!

8B: Aidan Coyle

Aidan is an excellent student in every way. He always tries his best and he is friendly and courteous to everyone. He has a fantastic merit record with 34 merits and no demerits!

8C: Nathan Mulvenna

Nathan is an enthusiastic, well-mannered pupil, who works hard and tries his best with everything he’s involved in. He is a valued member of 8C who always tries to help his peers.

8D: Connor Burns

Connor is a fine young man. He is very kind to his classmates, unfailingly polite, and always has a lovely smile and a pleasant word. He teams this with an excellent merit record and hard academic work.

8E: Sean Óg McMahon

Sean Óg is a very polite and welcoming young man who volunteered to help his friend when he was on crutches. Sean Óg represented the Year 8 football team in the Northern Ireland Cup Final and played his socks off. He has had no demerits throughout all of Year 8 and has a very good merit record.

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