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GCSE Results 2018

Yesterday the staff of St Malachy’s College assembled for the first time in preparation for this new academic year. As per usual, a substantial portion of the opening day was devoted to prayer and reflection, and time to concentrate on our mission and College motto “Gloria ab intus” - “Glory from within!” Fr Spence, our spiritual director, provided space for all staff to renew their ownership and understanding of the College mission statement .......... We were simply refreshing our readiness for the return of the Malachians who have been and will be in our care! We were reminded that the unique Catholic education provided by our diocesan College allows all to focus on the formation of the whole person. On the second day back, the GCSE pupils came into school to receive their GCSE results and attend interviews to assist them in preparing for their next step. Following on from new records set at A level, some 93.4% of the GCSE pupils achieved at least 7 A*- C grades, with A* - C grades increasing to 95.4%, A* - B grades rising to 72.1% and A* - A reaching 36.1%! Principal, Mr McBride stated, “We must continue to remember, and state publicly, St Malachy’s College is not an exam factory, and this great school is special in so many ways - you just need to be here for a short time to realise this. All of this success is not only to do with the huge investment in the building and resources, but it is mainly because of the great staff team here, and the relationship with parents/carers - a team which supports each other and devotes itself to supporting, challenging and caring for the boys, and going well beyond the confines of the classroom. I want to record my personal thanks and that of the Board of Governors to the staff for their invaluable service to our boys and the College. Gloria ab intus!”

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