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Martin McMullan Year 8 Race 2018

The annual Martin McMullan Year 8 race took place on Friday 21st September at Mallusk Playing Fields. Despite a threatening sky en route to the venue, we were blessed with a beautiful afternoon.....not something that can always be said at Mallusk! With all of Year 8 competing, it was an afternoon to remember as our boys served up a thrilling race. Pre-race favourite Finn Diver didn't disappoint and he has shown early signs that, with continued dedication and commitment, he could join the list of great athletes to grace the College cross country team. Daniel McQuade in second and Sean Murphy in third didn't let Finn have it all his own way and pushed him right to the line. However, the race is more than an individual affair with all our boys competing for their class. The first team home was 8A with a total of 63 points, followed by 8B with 81 and 8E with 109. 8C and 8D were next home. For other boys it was not a matter of competing for a medal but it was a case of completing the testing course as quickly as possible. Every boy rose to the challenge and kept going right to the very end! Well done everyone.

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