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Year 9 Tutor Awards - September 2018

Darragh Moss 9A:

Darragh is a quietly confident student who has made a solid start to Year 9. His class and homework is always completed to a high standard, he actively helps others when they struggle with their own work and he always greets you with a friendly smile in the morning! Darragh is a role model within 9A who is respected amongst all his peers.

Gabriel Mc Cann 9B: Gabriel has demonstrated a very positive approach to his work from the start of the new academic year and earned a range of merits from different teachers. He is a very polite and co-operative student who has went out of his way on a few occasions to help other classmates.

Conor Mullan 9C: Conor has made a very positive start to Year 9 having achieved 14 Merits for excellent work in a number of subjects. As well as excelling academically, Conor is an active participant of many extra-curricular clubs. He is also an avid reader and is one of the first to be quietly reading during registration which is a very good example to be setting for his peers.

Daniel Duffin 9E: Daniel is a quiet, well-mannered, and diligent young man who simply gets on with his work. He has had a great start to the year with a number of merits including ‘academic’, ‘outstanding work’ and ‘excellent effort’ across a number of subjects.

Matthew Gilhooly 9D: Matthew has received a tutor award as he has made an excellent start to Year 9. He has accumulated merits for outstanding academic work and for helping his peers. He is a very polite and caring young man. A gentleman!

Ruairi Doran 9F: Ruairi became a student at St Malachy’s in September and has settled in really well in 9F. He is a very pleasant and cooperative young man and has built very good relationships with his classmates and teachers. This attitude and effort are sure to stand him in good stead for the years ahead.

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