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Year 8 Man of the Month - November 2018

8A: Aodhan Coogan

Aodhan is an extremely well-mannered student who quietly gets on with his work and always does his best. He is very modest, however, deserves great credit for his mature attitude to all aspects of school life and for the high standard of work he has produced to date. He is an absolute gentleman who is an example to his peers!

8B: Charlie Horner

Charlie is a polite and diligent student who has made great progress since the start of the year. He is active within the College Music department and continues to maintain a high standard in his studies.

8C: Conor Gowling

Conor is a courteous and hard-working young man who follows the College routines consistently and is very helpful to both staff and peers.

8D: Kevin Murphy

Kevin is always friendly and cheerful, he takes care of the other members of 8D and is a very good friend. He also asked the best question in a Geography lesson EVER!

8D: Kevin Breen

Kevin is an honest and hard-working young man who has given his best from the start of Year 8.

8E: Jamie Graham

Jamie has made an excellent effort this month to focus on homework and equipment. He has managed to obtain 8 merits recently due to his determination and organisational skills. He is polite, well behaved and gets on well with his peers. Maith thú!

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